OTTAWA— April 12, 2017—The Canadian Printable Electronics Industry Association (www.cpeia-acei.ca) continues to build out its roster post-secondary institutions with the addition of Western University and Lambton College to its membership.

Western University (www.uwo.ca) rates as one of Canada’s top research universities. From fundamental discovery to applied knowledge, Western benefits economic, social, health, policy and cultural development in Canada and around the world. Several Western research teams are active in printable 3D electronics, fabrication and materials science, including development of graphene-based inks and novel fabrication processes for printing electronic and optoelectronic circuitry onto a variety of mechanically flexible surfaces. These efforts have applications for a variety of industries, including wearable electronics for patient health monitoring. Western’s teams are looking to work with other CPEIA Members to explore and develop printable electronics applications that solve real-world problems, including new environmentally friendly materials and technologies for creating the next generation of printable circuits, sensors and systems.

Lambton College (www.lambtoncollege.ca)  is a college of applied arts and technology in Sarnia, Ontario with more than 10,000 full-time, part-time and international students. Lambton Bluewater Technology Access Centre (BTAC) is a specialized research and development centre that collaborates with Canadian businesses (specifically small and medium-sized enterprises – SMEs) through contract or grant funded projects to advance products, processes, technologies and services. BTAC’s area of expertise are advanced manufacturing and 3D printing. BTAC services include engineering design, prototyping, reverse engineering, metrology, process improvement, product development and testing. Additionally, BTAC provides market analysis, technology transfer and commercialization consulting support to SMEs.

“Post-secondary institutions such as Western University and Lambton College illustrate a much-needed willingness to work with industry and bridge the gap between lab and fab,” said Peter Kallai, President and CEO of the CPEIA. “Building these kinds of practical linkages across the supply chain is fundamental to growing a robust and competitive Canadian PE sector.”

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If you are interested in speaking with Western or Lambton, please contact Peter at [email protected] or 613-795-8181 and he can facilitate an introduction.