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Webinar, March 1, 2016

Funding opportunities with Sustainable Development Technology Canada

How can your company tap into federal funding programs that help bring economically viable, clean technologies to market?

On March 1, at 11 a.m. EST, Peter Kallai, President and CEO of the CPEIA, will be joined by Flora Livesey, Funding Advisor at Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), to discuss how SDTC can help Canadian companies bring to market products and services that deliver tangible environmental benefits.

Michael Tischler, CTO of CPEIA member Cooledge Lighting, will also talk about how his company levered SDTC funding.

SDTC is an arm’s-length foundation created by the Government of Canada to fund new clean technologies.

Printable, flexible and wearable electronics have many applications that fit within SDTC’s funding mandate in a variety of industry verticals. The CPEIA is already working to build these bridges through joint initiatives with other industry associations. For example, the CPEIA’s IntelliPACK program, in partnership with PAC, Packaging Consortium, targets packaging and food waste. The IntelliBUILD program, in partnership with CABA, focuses on creating a new generation of intelligent buildings that consume less energy and can produce and harvest their own energy onsite.

This webinar is open to the public at no cost.

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Flora Livesey

Flora Livesey

Flora Livesey, BScEng, MScEng, specialized in Wind Engineering (the study of wind loading on structures) and worked in Denmark for over seven years in a wind tunnel facility. Upon returning to Canada, she completed her MBA at the University of Ottawa while working in various organizations and industries as a Project Manager. She has been with SDTC since 2009 where she initially worked as a Manager, Projects and lately as a Funding Advisor, a role that fulfils her love of meeting people, learning about new technologies and helping applicants navigate the SDTC funding process.

Dr. Michael Tischler

Dr. Michael Tischler

Dr. Tischler has been involved in intellectual property, both in invention and prosecution, throughout his career and is a named inventor on over 70 patents. He is an editor for the Journal of Crystal Growth and the Journal of Electronic Materials. Cooledge Lighting develops innovative broad-area lighting based on large arrays of small, low power light-emitting diodes on a thin flexible plastic sheet. Cooledge incorporates a number of aspects from RFID and printable electronics into its approach to high-quality lighting.

Peter Kallai

Peter Kallai

Peter Kallai was the Founding Executive Director of the Canadian Printable Electronics Industry Association. He is also the President and CEO of KEYSTEP Growth & Finance. This Ottawa-based boutique consulting firm has focused on emerging technologies for 20 years.   As a senior high-tech management consultant, Peter has assisted leading companies in optical and wireless communications, software and earth observation with their growth plans and financing. He has been involved with the inception, growth, exit and merger or acquisition of more than 40 companies.

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