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Printable, flexible and wearable electronics are already all around us. New products, applications and technologies are being developed all the time, often through collaborations that break traditional industry silos. Through these application notes, we highlight products and processes from CPEIA Members that illustrate the technologies available in the market today.

Application Note: Enhancing performance and comfort: This isn’t your mother’s sports bra

OMsignal seamlessly weaves technology into life by designing beautiful and functional smart apparel to help people live active, fit and healthy lives. With OM’s technology, clothes can read the body’s deepest signals, interpret them into actionable insights, and then wirelessly communicate them directly to your mobile device.

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Application Note: The right medication at the right time: Ensuring patient adherence through IoT

Information Mediary Corporation (IMC) develops low-cost, single-chip RFID and NFC sensor technology, readers and printed electronics in strict validation to ensure these products exceed pharmaceutical and logistics standards. The company’s intelligent devices include the award-winning Med-ic® and eCap™ electronic compliance monitors (ECM©). ECM address the problem of poor patient adherence by monitoring medication taking behaviour in real time.

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Application Note: Self & solar powered sensor networks

Wibicom is a high-tech startup headquartered in Montreal. It’s the first company to commercialize the photovoltaic/solar antenna and patent its design, to become the leader of this niche market. Its products ensure smart energy usage, enabling long lifetime device autonomy and battery-less solutions.

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Application Note: Electronic Materials for Flexible Displays and Organic Photovoltaic Energy Harvesting

EMD Performance Materials is a vibrant technology solutions company and leading supplier of printable organic semiconductor and dielectric materials for organic electronics. It provides stable, high-performance organic electronic materials in ready-to-use, easily processable formulations. Formulation strategies have been implemented to target performance, printability and stability.

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