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Canada launches visa program for hiring specialized foreign talent

June 11, Globe and Mail: Canadian technology companies are greeting a new federal blueprint for hiring foreign talent with open arms – and cautious optimism. The Canadian government’s global skills visa program – part of its Global Skills Strategy – officially opened...

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Making Flexible Electronics with Nanowire Networks

June 6, Scientific American: At CPES2017 recently, the CPEIA named NanoCnet as our first Startup of the Year. What is the market potential for this company's silver nanowire technology? This is a field that is crucial for flexible smartphones, e-paper and a new...

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Ultra-thin printed copper-clad polyimide using photonic sintering for HDI applications

CPEIA member company Novacentrix and Intrinsiq Materials have teamed up to  create a high-performance, low cost, copper-clad polyimide achieved without the use of adhesives or time-consuming sputtering.These printed electronic thin film substrates cannot be produced...

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Information Mediary Corp.’s Med-ic Syringe Pack equipped with Med-ic ECM wins 2016 HCPC Innovative Design Award

May 8, New Jersey and Ottawa – For the third time, Ottawa-based smart packaging and printed electronics developer and CPEIA member Information Mediary Corp (IMC) (www.informationmediary.com) has been awarded the prestigious "Package of the Year Award" by the...

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Stretchable electronics: everything you need to know

May 3, Printed Electronics World: Stretchable Electronics is a term that conceals great diversity. Indeed, it is an umbrella term that refers to a whole host of emerging electronic materials, components and devices that exhibit some degree of mechanical...

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Biodegradable electronics could cut e-waste

May 3, newelectronics: A United Nations Environment Program report has found there was almost 50 million tons of electronic waste in 2017. Looking to address the issue, Stanford engineer Professor Zhenan Bao and her team have created a flexible electronic device that...

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Xerox CEO: Our journey from paper docs to printed electronics

April 18, Tech Republic: CEO Jeff Jacobson on how Xerox will transcend it roots, and emerge from a declining industry by investing in new technologies. He acknowledges that Xerox needs to change tack, to refocus its efforts on areas in print where demand is growing,...

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‘Spray-on’ memory opens the door for future bendable storage devices

April 4, Electronics 360: Ubiquitous USB flash drives are used by many to transport information from one device to another or for storing information that is easy to distribute. Researchers at Duke University are working on a technology that could one day enable this...

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In-mould electronics enable innovative functional surfaces

March 28, EETimes Europe: Dutch-Belgian R&D powerhouse Holst Centre has presented a functional demonstrator for intuitive human-machine interfaces, based on the in-mold electronics (IME) technology developed there. The demonstrator, a centre console for vehicles,...

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3D-printed sensor-integrated skin for robots

March 24, Electronics360: Skin for robots that is flexible but coated with sensors is something that could revolutionize a number of industries, but the costs would be extreme. Researchers from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory may have...

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