A Board of Directors with five positions will govern the CPEIA. The Board’s mandate in the first year will be to create a basic governance charter that defines fundamental accountabilities, by-laws and processes.

The CPEIA’s Executive Director will occupy one of the Director positions. The remaining four will be filled by Directors chosen to represent a variety of companies with a vested interest and activities in Printable Electronics. This will range from large multinationals with a Canadian R&D presence, to SMEs with different functional expertise and focus across the country, and end-users in key market verticals.

Directors will be chosen through a nomination process. Successful nominees will each serve for one-year or multi-year terms to ensure succession of the board.

If you are interested in learning more about serving on the CPEIA’s Board of Directors, or in making a nomination for the Board, please contact Peter Kallai, President and CEO, at [email protected] or 613-795-8181.

Canadian Printable Electronics Symposium 2017

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