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Global leaders chart the next big tech growth sector

OTTAWA—February 4, 2016—The Canadian Printable Electronics Industry Association (www.cpeia-acei.ca), the catalyst for Canada’s printable, flexible and wearable electronics ecosystem, has lined up an impressive roster of international keynotes for CPES2016, Canada’s Printable, Flexible, Wearable Electronics Symposium.

CPES2016 (http://cpes2016.ca/) will showcase the convergence of research and development, industry expertise, commercial effort and government activity that gives Canada a tremendous opportunity in the explosive global market for printable, flexible and wearable electronics (PE).

“The market opportunity for PE continues to evolve across industry verticals like healthcare, consumer electronics and wearables, intelligent buildings and automotive, as well as in more developed markets for secure documents and smart packaging,” said Peter Kallai, President and CEO of the CPEIA and CPES co-Chair.

“Our fantastic keynote speakers explore the breakthroughs in materials and manufacturing needed to create real products and real applications that have commercial potential today and tomorrow. Our hot topics include smart textiles for wearables and 3D printable electronics.”

The five keynotes are …

Dr. James Buntaine, Country Lead, EMD Performance Materials Corp., USA

EMD is the speciality chemicals business of German multinational chemical, pharmaceutical and life sciences company Merck KGaA. Dr. Buntaine’s areas of technical leadership include novel carbon materials, organic photovoltaics, organic LED lighting and display, cholesteric liquid crystal displays, lithographic and flexographic printing, and low temperature co-fired ceramics.   

He will discuss photolithographic integration of high-performance polymer thin-film transistors suitable for mass production processes.

Dr. Daniel Frisbie, Professor, University of Minnesota, USA

Dr. Frisbie is a Distinguished McKnight University Professor and Head of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at the University of Minnesota. His research focuses on materials for printed electronics, including organic semiconductors and their applications in devices such as transistors and solar cells.

His presentation will explore new materials and printing processes for flexible electronics for a spectrum of applications, including roll-up displays, wearable biosensors, smart labels, and e-skins for robotics.

Prof. Harri Kopola, Vice President Research in Knowledge Intensive Products and Services Business Area, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd., Finland

VTT is the leading non-profit research and technology organization in the Nordic countries, with a national mandate in Finland. Prof. Kopola is responsible for research strategy and a research portfolio that covers digital systems and services, communication systems, microsystems, intelligent sensors, metrology, printed functionalities and health.

Prof. Vivek Subramanian, University of California, Berkeley, USA

Prof. Subramanian is a Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences. His research interests include advanced CMOS devices and technology and polysilicon thin film transistor technology for displays and vertical integration applications.

He will discuss progress in advancing the state-of-the-art of printed electronics, including advanced printable materials, improvements in printing technology, and design and realization of devices and systems that exploit the capabilities of this emerging technology.

Mr. Mounir Zok, Senior Sports Technologist, U.S. Olympic Committee, USA

Mr. Zok is responsible for championing, setting up and running high-performance technology programs that increase the medaling chances of Team USA athletes at the future Olympic and Paralympic Games. Such programs usually lie at the intersection of emerging technology and human-centred design.

His presentation will explore how wearable technology is changing sports forever, by looking at the projects TEAM USA is working on in preparation for the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Photos of the speakers are available for download here.

About CPES2016

Over two information-packed days, 200+ attendees will have the opportunity to learn, network and develop partnerships for collaboration and business development. CPES2016 runs April 19-20 at Sheridan College in Toronto. The agenda will include 30 in-depth presentations by industry experts and leading academics. Attendees can also review 10 academic posters from leading principal investigators and their teams, as well as a variety of tabletop exhibits.

The inaugural CPES Innovation Awards will also be presented on Day 2 of the event, to recognize achievements in Canadian research innovation and industrial commercialization.

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Established in 2014, the Canadian Printable Electronics Industry Association (CPEIA) brings together key Canadian and international players in industry, academia and government to build a strong Canadian printable, flexible and wearable electronics sector and ecosystem. The Association is the united voice for the sector and implements critical development strategies to facilitate growth through networking, stimulate R&D and investment, build a strong supply chain and drive the broad adoption of PE by end customers in a range of Canadian industries, including Intelligent Packaging, Intelligent Buildings, Aerospace and Defence, Automotive and Industrial Applications, Health and Wellness, Intelligent Documents, and Consumer Electronics and Wearables.

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