Advanced FPH-E Manufacturing & Product Development Program

The CPEIA’s Advanced FPH-E Manufacturing & Product Development Program provides our Members with exclusive access to the resources and expertise critical to developing and bringing to market new products and applications enabled with printable, flexible or wearable electronics. It is the technical foundation that supports our vertical market-focused programs, such as IntelliPACK and IntelliBUILD.

Learn about the processes, materials and technical standards crucial to new product development and incorporating discreet components with conventional electronics for new hybrid solutions. Learn how to address market opportunities in various end-user verticals, and to take advantage of funding and R&D programs that support commercialization in Canada.

This program is expected to become the “go to” resource if your organization is considering starting up or evolving an R&D program in Canada for commercialization. If you are interested in any aspect of the Program and would like assistance to connect with resources or other organizations, don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Program includes:

  • Webinars, workshops, facility tours, hands-on training and referrals
  • Exclusive high-value technical events e.g. OPV, Sensors, Antennas
  • Access to equipment vendors, manufacturing process developers, material suppliers, cloud software companies, consultants and technical experts
  • Access to manufacturing, prototyping resources and tech partners
  • Access and assistance with funding programs such as SR&ED, NRC IRAP, BDC, SDTC etc
  • Access to academic organizations and government R&D labs
  • Access to industry standards for manufacturing and design with leading standards-setting bodies
  • Mentoring & support for pre-revenue companies
  • The annual CPES symposium and conference and Innovation Awards

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