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Calling Strategic Partners

The Printable Electronics (PE) landscape is complex, global and always evolving. The CPEIA has many established peer organizations in other jurisdictions. In addition, associations that represent the interests of various sectors and interest groups already serve Canadian industry in various capacities.

As the united voice of the PE sector in Canada, the CPEIA wishes to forge strategic relationships with our fellow industry associations that have an interest in, or the potential to be impacted by, PE in any form.

CPEIA is the only organization dedicated exclusively to creating a strong and dynamic PE ecosystem in Canada. Let’s work together to compliment each other’s efforts and drive Canada’s knowledge economy forward. We can achieve so much more through collaboration.

If you are a Canadian industry association or R&D organization with an interest in PE, or an international organization with a PE focus, we want to work with you to our mutual benefit.

To learn more, please contact Peter Kallai, President and CEO, at [email protected] or 613-795-8181.

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